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Welcome to the GRÏNDR!

The GRÏNDR is a throw back to go old fashioned dungeon-crawl death trap gaming. The kind of gaming Gary Gygax would put his most accomplished players through to take them down a notch. There is no role-playing here, only ROLL-playing. META-GAMED and MIN-MAXed out, you need to come ready to play and prepared to die. A lot.

To start the bloodbath, we are running through Rappan Athuk, one of the meanest most massively awesome feats of dungeon design the RPG world has ever seen. This will take a long time and we are not expected to finish it. They say no one ever has.

So pull on your boots and grease up that ten foot pole, because shit is about the get medieval on your ass.

Those who have gone before

Home Page

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