Long Walks on The Beach

Total Party Kraken


It Begins

Based on some information overheard in Zelkor’s Ferry, the party decided that they wanted to try and find a cavern entrance that was on the coast.

“You know,” Corbel interrupts, “I may know where there is a back entrance to that dungeon. I was part of a ship’s crew for a year and took note of a cave that opened up where the side of the cliff collapsed. From what I’ve heard, it must be just about due east of that dungeon. The sea there is slightly protected by an island that runs parallel to the coast so it should be possible to approach the beach. I’ve also heard there’s some sort of sea dragon that moves up and down the coastline in that area, but Bernhard, you just said that you’ve seen a dragon flying along the Coast Road. It seems unlikely that a second dragon would live so close, so that probably untrue.

After taking a ferry to the mouth of the River, the party began the long walk down the beach towards where they believed the cavern to be.

It did not take them long to find trouble, as a pirate ship appeared around a bend near the coast. They were spotted by the crew and a large party disembarked to the shore and attempted to waylay the crew.

But just as the foul pirates began to draw their cutlasses and crossbows, the wizard sent a stinky cloud to surround them and overwhelm them with its foulness. As the crew sputtered and gasped, the pirate captain pushed through and attempted to rally his men. But his mind was changed with a powerful command spell that sent him and his crew fleeing back to their ship, and regretting that they ever left it.

Pleased with the ease of their first victory the party pushed forward towards the cavern.

Soon, they found the cavern and went inside. Within they found that the cavern was huge and almost entirely filled with water. The water was deep and murky, with lots of floating debris. The spotted a tunnel exiting the back of the cavern and a narrow stretch of silt and sand that followed the cavern wall all the way to the back.

But as they walked along the sandy path, huge tentacles burst from the water and began grabbing the party members. One by one they were dragged into the foul water, and though they fought hard they soon found themselves crushed or drowned beneath those inky waves.

Only the Witch, played by Matt survived by turning himself into an owl and flying free to safety.


  • 22000 awarded for the humorous solution to the pirate encounter.
  • Zero awarded for the Kraken.

Killed In Action

  • Lizzi’s Unnamed Half-Orc Barbarian
  • Keith’s Human Cleric, Kit
  • Liz’s Human Monk Rtiktamik
  • Lennon’s Human Rogue, Kine


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