Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead!

Matt, Liz, Tommy, Eric and Lizzi - Level 3C - Saturday , April 4th, 2015

Tonight’s adventure consisted of five members:

  • Matt playing a 7th level Human Witch
  • Lizzi playing a 7th level Halfling Wizard
  • Eric playing a 7th level Human Cleric.
  • Tommy playing a 7th level Half-Elf Gun Slinger.
  • Liz playing a 7th level Half-Orc Monk.

Picking up where Pestilence and Pi left off, the party found itself in a library full of dead zombies and a pool of foul disease-ridden goo that flowed into the room from a hallway on the east wall. They followed the hallway to find the source of the foul goop. In a large room that was clearly once a temple, they found a statue that was covered in blood and filth and had a makeshift necklace of human left hands around it’s neck.

In the center of the room was a roiling, gushing fountain of the foul stuff that flowed from this room to the other parts of the level. Strange creature sized lumps started coalescing in the goop as soon as the party approached.

The half-orc was undaunted and waded into the disgusting morass and punched one of the lumps right in it’s stupid lumpiness.

Tommy’s gun-slinger had a clever thought and took the necklace and tossed it into the vile fountain, which immediately subsided and calmed. The lumps dissolved back into goo. Threat neutralized. Super easy. Super anti-climatic.

Since the treasure for this room came from the creatures, there was no treasure. Womp Womp**.

After the fountain room was conquered, the hero’s started smashing all the doors and then found more goo and more zombies. The half-orc punched them dead, except the one the gun-slinger shot in the face. They found a room with actual treasure after that! It had three solid gold treasures; a Gargoyle, a Unicorn and a Winged Horse ( not a pegasus ). Tommy grabbed the unicorn statue which promptly turned to dust, as well as the winged horse statue. Eric took the Gargoyle statue.

Further exploring uncovered a room that might have had a spider in it , maybe and a bunch of doors and a room full of tables and debris.
Entering the room full of tables and debris, Tommy noticed a carving of a fat leering guy with goat horns on the wall. For some reason, he shoots at it, but notices his bullet suddenly change trajectory as it nears the target.

He enters the room and sees a crap-ton of dire rats, two zombies and a big ol fat rat attacking him. They nibble at his boots and do nothing to him. Eric and Liz move up to help fight the rats while Matt and Liz stay back and watch the hallway.

Matt notices movement and then spots a Ochre Jelly moving up behind them. Lizzi blasts it and hurts it and then Matt smacks it with his morningstar, which causes it to split into two jellies! They both grab him and one of them managed to smash him enough to kill him. RIP Matt’s Witch. Then Lizzi kills the jellies and loots Matt. Womp Womp**.

In the room, after easily killing the rats, zombies and fat rat, they find a ton of crap the rats had horded. And tons of resistence when trying to approach the carving.

The gun-slinger pushes through the resistence around the carving and inspects it. He tries a few things, that have no effect, and finally just touches it with his hand. He instantly turns to dust! Then the jeering goat-horned carving opens it’s mouth and sucks the Tommy dust up!
After a few moments of study, the other party members detemine that it is a teloport spell and decide to touch it as well. They all turn to dust and are sucked up.

They find themselves in a dark room full of spider webs. The room has two large iron disks embedded into the floors. The iron disks have handles, like they could be lifted, and are carved with a single arrow.


ElmoFromOK ElmoFromOK

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