Pestilence and Pi

Matt, Lizzi, and Rebecca - Level 1C and Level 3C - Saturday , March 14th, 2015

Tonight’s adventure consisted of only three members:

  • Matt playing a 6th level Witch
  • Lizzi playing a 6th level Halfling Wizard
  • Rebecca playing a 6th level Halfling Paladin.

We started in the room with the huge skeleton statue that has his bony hands on two stone wolves. In the last session, the party had discovered that the statue’s base contained a secret passageway but had not yet explored it.Although the room also contained stairs leading down into the darkness, the party decided to stay on this level and see what was on the other side of the secret passageway.

The room they found was large, with 30 foot tall arched ceilings and huge stone pillars. The pillars were carved with odd little gargoyles. At the southern end of the room were two huge braziers burning with vivid bright green flame.

When the halfling paladin ventured closer to the burning green flames to examine the strange site, suddenly a huge green snake struck out at her from within the flame itself! The party fought the giant snake and eventually struck it down. The witch was bitten twice and begin to feel the effects of the poison immediately.

Examining the snake, they realized how valuable it was; it’s scales looked almost like gems when they reflected the firelight. They skinned it and stuck it in the witches bag of holding.

Following the hallway north out of the room eventually led the party back towards a section of the level they had already explored. They decided to venture further down, and so returned to the room with the statue and went down the stairs.

The room below was covered with a carpet of roaches that clicked and scurried away as they entered. To the north, they found a large room covered with murals of people in white healing and helping the sick and the poor. But each person had their left hand painted over in black, and the rest of the murals had obvious attempts at defacing and damage from vandalism.

Going south they found a hallway and turned left.
A few steps in, the floor fell away beneath the paladin and she fell into a 20ft deep pit. The witch was able to avoid falling in behind her, but only barely. The party threw down a rope and helped the paladin back up out of the pit.

They continued on but having not learned their lesson, they triggered another pit! This time the paladin was able to leap across the pit and not fall in. The witch behind her was not so lucky. As they once again lowered the rope to help a fallen comrade, chittering noises were heard from down the tunnel. A group of dire rats charged into view and attacked them. As they fought the rats, an iron portcullis fell down from a hidden place in the ceiling and blocked the tunnel behind them.

They handled the dire rats easily and the witch took matters into his own hands and flew out of the hole.

Around the corner, they found a dead end, with only a bas-relief carving of a left hand on the wall.

Worried that they might be trapped, they returned to the portcullis and started devising an elaborate plan involving silk rope, an embiggen spell, a quarterstaff and witches urine. The plan only managed to ruin the rope, destroy the quarterstaff and annoy the halflings.

The paladin returned to the dead end and started examining it. She ran her fingers over the carving and immediately vanished! She found herself in a different room less than a second later. The room had four walls, each with a carving of a left hand. The wizard and the witch soon found themselves in the room as well.

In the room was a table and a skeleton holding a red scroll. The skeleton was pitted and deteriorated in an odd way and had a bad odor to it. The scroll was a remove poison spell.

Choosing one of the carvings the party teleported to another room, appearing 3 seconds later. The room had work tables and cabinets and was guarded by a glowing orb that attacked immediately, shooting a lightning bolt at the paladin.

The party fought the glowing guardian and easily defeated it. Then explored the room. Finding many books, some on health and disease, and some concerning demons!

The room had one other left-hand carving, besides the one they used to get there. Instead of following it they returned to the room with the four walls and chose another left-hand to follow. The teleported into a small room with a bed and a skeleton. The returned to the four wall room and followed the final left-hand and it also went to a small room with a bed.

They returned to the work table / cabinet room and followed the left-hand carving there. The journey took 47 seconds this time and they appeared in a large room with book shelves and a cabinet on the north wall. There was a large pool of some foul liquid in the center of the room that seemed to flow in from a hallway to the east. There was also a doorway to the south.

The witch examined the books while the wizard opened the cabinet. The cabinet was trapped and the wizard was stuck with a poisoned needle. The wizard found some good books but also found one covered in a contact poison. He also was poisoned.

Suddenly, three plague zombies crawled from the foul pool and attacked the party. They were dispatched easily.


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