KÏllÏng PCs since 2013

As we have discovered, Google plus is pretty poorly built for running a ongoing campaign. I wanted to find a place to compile information as we moved forward and build a repository of our delving, so I decided to revisit the site designed specifically for this type of gaming, Obsidian Portal. I am blown away by the changes to Obsidian Portal since last time we tried to use it. This is so much better than I expected the redesign to be. Very impressed.

So, I have decided to give the GRÏNDR a more permanent home here on Obsidian Portal.

We will be able to keep an obituary here to mark the passing into immortality of our heroes!!

..and also maybe compare notes on what has been tried and what has not. or Build some maps and other resources to help future adventurers find their way though the dangerous world they are about to enter. Minor stuff like that.


ElmoFromOK ElmoFromOK

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